Work Placements

Services for Students has a dedicated team to develop and prove is a high quality internship programmes. Over the many years we have been in this business we developed excellent and long-standing relationships with many companies and organisations in London – not to mention gaining many satisfied clients around the world.

Services for Students works in collaboration with language schools, European Union funded organisations, and work and travel agencies in many countries. Our clients are from a variety of backgrounds and have various motivations for carrying out a work placement. Some of our participants are school leavers, seeking some practical experience. Others are undergraduates whose programmes require a period of internship. Others again are graduates who have chosen to do a work placement as part of a language improvement programme. And we arrange placements for post graduates who have been studying in the UK, and who want to extend their CVs in order to gain practical experience and improve their employability.

We are sensitive to the varying requirements of each of these categories, where at one end of the scale participants are looking for generic experience and language improvement, while at the other they require something much more specific.

As a result, the process that we follow in order to set up a placement is centred upon finding out the client’s needs, ambitions and skills.

Services for Students can arrange internships in a many different business areas including:

  • General business administration
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Fashion and design
  • Performing arts
  • Engineering
  • Architecture

This is not a complete list – the success of an internship depends upon both participant and host organisation. So when we arrange internships it is on the basis of arranging a placement that is personal to each candidate according to individual profiles and needs.


The more you know about your research topic and the more dissertation authors focused you are, the better equipped you will be to narrow your search appropriately.