There are 4 main locations with 3 in Germany and 1 in Switzerland.

The main locations in Germany are: Berlin, Lahntal and Fribourg, and Zug in Switzerland.

Each of the camps selected has an objective and program focused in their age group of specialization. Clearly in none of our camps we will have early teens with older children.

At Services for Students we will be able to advice you o each of the options depending on your objectives and interests some of the camps available have the possibility to have an additional point of interest, or simply just random activities, some of the examples are: Water sports and lake or multi sports

Below is a sample of week of a generic camp:


  • Morning: Arrival until 5pm, introduction and language test, welcome


  • Morning: 3 German lessons
  • Afternoon 1: Basketball or dance
  • Afternoon 2: Volleyball or multisport
  • Evening: Camp Olympiad


  • Morning: 3 German lessons
  • Afternoon 1: Batik or jazz dance
  • Afternoon 2: Music or multisport
  • Evening: Lakeside barbeque


  • Full day: Excursion to Potsdam and Sanssouci Castle

* This is just an example for illustration purposes


  • Morning: 3 German lessons
  • Afternoon 1: Swimming, football or juggling
  • Afternoon 2: Theater or multisport
  • Evening: Games


  • Morning: 3 German lessons
  • Afternoon 1 until evening: Excursion to Berlin


  • Morning: 3 German lessons
  • Afternoon 1: Boat trip
  • Afternoon 2: Camp newspaper
  • Evening: Disco


  • Morning: Departure or bicycle ride around the lake

For more information please call us on +44 7958 922 702 or complete the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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