There are different locations to choose from such as Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Buckinghamshire, Reading, Bristol,etc. Your choice will be based not only on the activities they offer but also their focus per age group.

At Services for Students we will be able to advice you o each of the options depending on your objectives and interests some of the camps available have the possibility to have an additional point of interest, or simply just random activities, some of the examples are: English with Football, English with Basketball, English with multi-sports, English with art and drama.


  • Morning: Arrivals
  • Afternoon 1: Welcome games
  • Afternoon 2: Free time
  • Evening: Movie night


  • Morning: Lessons
  • Afternoon 1: Visit Kings College
  • Afternoon 2: Quiz Night
  • Evening: Culture Club


  • Morning: Lessons
  • Afternoon 1: Half day trip to Ely Cathedral
  • Afternoon 2: Bingo
  • Evening: Outdoor sports


  • Morning: Full-day excursion to London
  • Afternoon 1: Free time
  • Afternoon 2: Murder mystery night
  • Evening: Egg drop

* This is just an example for illustration purposes


  • Morning: Testing / induction or lessons
  • Afternoon 1: Walking tour of Cambridge
  • Afternoon 2: Rading Club
  • Evening: Casino night


  • Morning: Lessons
  • Afternoon 1: Scavange hunt at Castle Hill
  • Afternoon 2: Karaoke
  • Evening: Indoor sports


  • Morning: Lessons
  • Afternoon 1: Rounders Competition
  • Afternoon 2: Talent show
  • Evening: Art and craft


  • Morning: Departure or trip to Torpe Park

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